New system of 2018
Pulse function induction technology

Has 3 loops for disc checkers 50 cm and 35 cm and  120cm*120cm

A massive transformation in the pulse system technology industry - a very low error rate with high exploration depth

Exploring depth is 4/5 m in different lands

Complete removal of particles, salts, and minerals such as minerals, celery, lime, broken jams, carbon, etc.

Useful Exploration Depth with 2-Meter Loop Disks and 1-1.5mm Underground Loop

Has a city mode for exploring near residential environments

Ability to eliminate telecommunication and electronic noise. - Filter mode to remove weak noise

Ability to send and receive waves in the field at extremely high speeds

It has the mode of adjusting the page light and contrast

It has a rechargeable battery and continuous use for 10 hours

Ability to operate at temperatures below 40 ° C

Automatic and manual balancing modes - Ability to operate on uneven ground

Have a detailed separation of metals from each other in the form of code and number

High sensitivity to non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver and so on

Full accessories such as headphone jackets, coil belts and whatever it needs

It has 2 years warranty and 3 years support service